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Q: What is Integrated Medicine?
A: The concept of "Integrated Medicine" is better recognised in the US than in the United Kingdom, those doctors who were trained in UK does not know much about it, but a conference in London recently, organised by the Royal College of Physicians and the US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, may help to raise its profile in the UK. British Society of Integrated Medicine already formed in UK.
Please see:

If You wish to know what is Integrated Medicine please click

What is Interated Medicine ( BMJ UK.)
Integrated Medicine
Imbues orthodox medicine with the values of complementary medicine.

Lesley Rees (, director of education,
Andrew Weil (, director and professor of medicine
Author Affiliations
Integrated medicine (or integrative medicine as it is referred to in the United States) is practising medicine in a way that selectively incorporates elements of complementary and alternative medicine into comprehensive treatment plans alongside solidly orthodox methods of diagnosis and treatment. The concept is better recognised in the US than in the United Kingdom, but a conference in London next week, organised by the Royal College of Physicians and the US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, may help to raise its profile in the UK.
Integrated medicine is not simply a synonym for complementary medicine. Complementary medicine refers to treatments that may be used as adjuncts to conventional treatment and are not usually taught in medical schools. Integrated medicine has a larger meaning and mission, its focus being on health and healing rather than disease and treatment. It views patients as whole people with minds and spirits as well as bodies and includes these dimensions into diagnosis and treatment. It also involves patients and doctors working to maintain health by paying attention to lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, quality of rest .

Q: Where can I read about chelation?
A: Chelation therapy Chapter now appears in the Major Authoritative reference Text book of Cardiology edited by Dr Franz .H. Messerli and 280 cardiologists. 2nd Edition. Chelation therapy has a tremendous Potential in the treatment of Artherosclerosis- written by Dr Martin Rubin

Q: Is there any recent research works done?
A: In 1993 Dr L.T Cheppel and a group of Scientist done18 different Scientific studies and confirmed by meta analysis that 87% of the blocked arteries are reversed by chelation therapy

Q: Where can I learn Chelation therapy?
A: You can learn from
1. American College for Advancement in
Medicine. website:
2. International Board for Cilincal Metal
Toxicology (IBCMT).

Q: Is chelation effective and really works?
A: Yes, it really works on 80-90% people.
Chelation is Nano Technology. Chelation solution is electrically engineered. It is electrically charged and consists of negative ions. It can be measured up to -ORP 250 at pH8. It is an alkalization solution adjust or balance pH of our blood.

Using "Zeta Potential" as a Healing Tool
Zeta Potential is a measure of the electrical force that exists between atoms, molecules, particles, suspensoids, cells, etc., in a fluid.
Zeta Potential's strength determines the amount of material that a fluid can carry. Increasing the electrical force in the solution, allows the fluid to dissolve and hold more material. In this way, deposits can be removed from many things.

Hundreds of industries work with Zeta Potential to control their chemical reactions. Dr. T.C. McDaniel learned of this, and applied the concepts to cardiovascular disease — his own. He then prescribed this technology for about ten thousand of his patients with excellent results. — Tommy Cichanowski —

Keep the blood slurry moving, and it remains in a liquid state. Stop its movement, and it coagulates.
[ A good example of this last example is concrete. When it is in the truck continuously being agitated, it will remain liquid for a considerable length of time. Once it is removed and allowed to be still, it will set in a predetermined time determined by its Zeta Potential. The Zeta Potential is engineered to give concrete workers enough time to get it in place, and then it quickly sets, allowing them to be able to "surface" it in a timely manner. — Tommy C ]


Dr. T.C. McDaniel
My Goals: "I desire to get this basic information to professional practitioners, in order to improve our system of medicine, surgery, and midwifery, and to place the same on a more rational and scientific basis." — Dr. T.C. McDaniel —
No Need For Heart By-Pass Operations !!!
No Need for Balloon Angioplasty procedures !!!
No Need to Replace Heart Valves because of Plaque Deposits !!!
No Need to Amputate limbs because of Poor Circulation !!!
Remove Kidney Stones in about 6 Hours in the Doctor's Office !!!
Arrhythmias corrected in less than 2 hours !!!


Heart By-Pass Operations are No Longer Needed !
A Safer Method Can Be Used.
Have you or someone you know been told that a "Heart By-Pass Operation" is needed?

Thanks to today's advanced science, "By-Pass Operations" are no longer necessary.

It is now possible to remove blockages and mineral plaque from blood veins and arteries by simply administering a series of safe IVs prepared with chemistry that has been approved by the FDA. The IVs are Engineered to change the electrical properties of blood, and in so doing with the help of water, can bring deposits back into solution. Depending on the severity of one's condition, approximately 24 IVs are administered over the course of 2 to 3 months. ( Additionally, in Germany and elsewhere, the pineapple enzyme bromelaine is being successfully used to disassemble the fibrous component of circulatory plaque deposits. )

This technique has been developed over the last twenty years and has produced successful results for more than 10,000 patients who have sought help from Dr. T.C. McDaniel at his clinic in Cincinnati. Dr. McDaniel was inspired by the late industrial chemist Thomas M. Riddick, who developed coronary problems himself, and had undertaken a complex study of blood chemistry.

After a three-day visit to Dr. McDaniel's clinic for diagnosis, tests and health maintenance classes, any Registered Nurse, even in your home if desired, can administer the remaining IVs for you. Each patient is unique and the IVs are individually prepared for the needs of each person, based on blood and urine tests.

If you are willing to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle, additional treatments will not be required. ( A very large number of people, who have had one heart by-pass operation, often require another after a short time, even when on medications. Also, Nova's "When Wonder Drugs Don't Work" reports that approximately 548 patients each day are infected by "drug resistant" bacteria in U.S. hospitals. )

Dr. McDaniel has also saved the limbs of patients who were told by other doctors that amputation of a limb was necessary. (usually a leg)*
[ * Diabetes often results in reduced circulation in the extremities. Hands and feet that are always cold, soon can be warm again. This treatment also increases the effectiveness of Insulin, helping to improve blood sugar regulation. Some patients have even managed to eliminate the need for Insulin injections altogether. ]

This therapy is based on an understanding of the electro–chemical properties of blood.
We are addressing the chemical issues, which result in internal blood clotting and mineral deposits within the cardiovascular system.

Thomas M. Riddick, an Industrial Chemist, is credited with doing the first major study of how "Zeta Potential" controls the chemical processes in our bodies. Using this science, we can reverse and correct many "Blood Plasma Problems".

Q: If Chelation therapy is so good why not many doctors use it or recommend it.
A: The opponents have not attended any courses
on this subject. They have not done it on themselves and have no experience. Most of them are self appointed specialist in this matter. Those who were trained in UK have no idea what it is. By hear say they blindly say it is no good. They think they are too learned. However, the next generation will learn from the beginning and use it as a mainstream medicine. Now growing number of doctors including cardiovascular surgeons are learning and practicing Chelation therapy since they observed the good results from chelation therapy.

Q: What are the drugs used in chelation therapy?
A: The Medicines used in Chelation therapy are all FDA approved medicines. eg BAL, D-Penicillamine, Desferrioxamine, Prussian Blue, DMSA, DMPS,EDTA etc.

Q: Are there any side effects by Chelation therapy?
A: Yes, as in any other treament there are side effects but there is no death on the table.
The sides effects are mild and the specialist knows how to avoid from side effects.

Q: Are there any medical centres in USA and UK practiciing "Integrated Medicines" ?
A: Yes many centres for example see:

Q: Do you guarantee that chelation can cure diseases?
A: All medical doctors/Surgeons will never guarantee that their treatment will cure the diseases. Evidence based meta-analysis will be encountered about the efficacy.

All information available through or in connection with Academy CMT is informational only and provided "as is" without warranties, representations, or guarantees of any kind. We disclaim any and all implied warranties respecting Q & A is entirely at your own risk and is not a substitute for conducting your own research.
All information, data, and material contained, presented, or provided on this web site is for general information purposes only and is not to be construed as reflecting the knowledge or opinions of us, our staff, officers, board members or members. The information contained on this web site is not to be construed and is not intended to provide medical or legal advice. Without prejudice to the generality of the contents, this and any communication with Academy CMT does not attach any legal liability on the originator whatsoever. This and all communications contain information, which is confidential in nature and may also be privileged. It is for the exclusive use of the intended recipient(s). If you have received this communication by error, please delete this communication and destroy any copies that you or others may have.

Q: What is the cost of the treatment in our medical centre in Malaysia.
A: The over all cost of above treatments are one tenth of the cost in USA.

Many patients from overseas come to our centre for treatment.

Q: Do you use high dose of Vitamin C intravenously?
A: Yes, High dose of Vitamin C up to 120 gram daily (above 1000mOsmoles concetration) kills Cancer, HIV and other viruses.
(refer: Cancer/Oncology news article Date: 13 sept 2005 (UK)

Q: What are the conditions treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen?
A: The conditons treated with HBO is enormous.

Following is a list of conditions currently being treated with HBOT worldwide. Most are considered experimental and controversial by the mainstream medical community, with only testimonials and anecdotal evidence for benefit. Medical insurance in the United States and elsewhere will often refuse payment.
(* Conditions marked with an asterisk below are sometimes reimbursed for a short time by Medicare and other medical insurance in the U.S., but only if strictly defined diagnostic criteria are met.)
Air or Gas embolism* (in divers, but can also occur during bypass surgery)
Bends in divers (Decompression sickness)*
Bums* (thermal burns)
Carbon monoxide poisoning* (Insurance usually stops paying before all brain injury has fully improved)
Cyanide Poisoning*
Cerebral edema
Closed head injuries (traumatic brain injury)
Crisis of sickle cell anemia
Exceptional Blood Loss Anemia*
Blast injury
Gas gangrene*
Hydrogen sulfide poisoning
Peyote poisoning (Mexican cactus- hallucinating agents.)
Severed limbs
Smoke inhalation
Stroke (cerebral infarct, with benefit even long after the event)
Air embolism*
a. Decompression induced (divers)
b. Iatrogenic (bypass surgery, injected, etc.)
Cerebral edema
a. Toxic encephalopathy
b. Vascular compromise
c. Traumatic
Spinal cord contusion
a. Physiological transection
b. Partial motor or sensory loss
Early organic brain syndrome
a. Small vessel disease
b. Multiple small infarcts
Stroke (acute and chronic residuals)
Vegetative coma (acute and prolonged)
a. Closed head injury
b. Hypoxic encephalopathy (suffocation, drowning, strangulation,
cardiac arrest, near hanging, near choking, lightening strikes, etc.)
Multiple sclerosis
a. Acute
b. Relapsing/ remitting
c. Chronic progressive
Brain Dysfunction following Bypass Surgery and Angioplasty
Cranial nerve syndromes
a. Trigeminal neuralgia
b. Optic neuritis
c. Vestibular disorders (vertigo, tinnitus, Meniere's syndrome)
d. Sudden deafness
e. Brain stem syndromes (ischemia, infarct)
f. Retinal artery occlusion
g Acoustic trauma
Peripheral neuropathy
a. Charcot Marie's tooth disease
b. Radiation myelitis
Crush injuries* (vascular compromise)
Soft tissue swelling
a. Traumatic
b. Cellulitis* (infection/mixed flora)
compartment syndrome*
Acute necrotizing fasciitis ( so-called "flesh-eating bacteria")*
Necrotizing soft tissue infections*
Clostridial myonecrosis* (gas gangrene)
Severed limbs and digits*
Acute and chronic osteomyelitis* (bone infection)
Bone grafting
Fracture healing and nonunion*
Aseptic necrosis
Tendon and ligament injuries, post-surgical repair
Delayed wound healing
Stump infections (following amputation)
Edema under cast
Sports injuries
Peripheral vascular ulcer*
a. Arterial (atherosclerosis)
b. Decubitus (bed sores)
c. Neuropathy related (diabetes)
d. Venous (deep vein thrombosis complication)
e. Diabetic
Gangrene (wet and dry, atherosclerosis, more common in diabetes)
Compromised Skin Flaps and Grafts*
Autism (Social and communication disorders in children)
Abscesses* (intra-abdominal and intracranial)
Buerger's disease
Carbon tetrachloride poisoning
Diabetic retinopathy
Diabetic ulcers*
Gulf War Syndrome
Retinal artery occlusion
Retinal vein thrombosis
Lepromatous leprosy
Lyme disease
Melaney ulcer* (flesh-eating bacteria)
Osteoradionecrosis* (post radiation damage)
Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis
Pseudomembranous colitis
Plastic surgery (speed healing, reduce scar and infection)
Rheumatoid arthritis (acute)
Brown Recluse Spider Bite
Snake bite
Sickle cell crisis and hematuria
Peptic ulcer
Plastic Surgery, speeds healing with less scar
Myocardial infarction
Slow healing wounds
Potentiate antibiotic therapy
Post-cardiotomy and low output heart failure
Radiation cystitis and enteritis*
Refractory mycoses* (fungal infections)
Suturing of Severed Limbs*
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Cerebral palsy
Post-polio syndrome
Immune System Enhancement (Cancer patients) Radiosensitization, chemosensitization, Photosensitisation
Crohn's disease
Ulcerative colitis
Parkinson's Syndrome

COPD, Pnuemothorax, Empysema, Sinusitis , Potentiates drugs like: Carboplatin, Doxyrubicin, Bleomycin potentiates cardiotoxic effect.

Side effects:
Trauma and toxicity.
Toxic to lungs
Toxic to nervous system.
Baro trauma of ears, ear Drums rupture, middle ear, implosion and explosion of round and oval windows.
Baro trauma of Lungs: Pneumotoxic, Pulmonary oedema. Pneumothorax, CAGE (Cerebral artery air embolism).
Neuro toxic. brain damage , Spinal cord injury, paralysis, stroke, coma by air embolism, DCS (Decompression syndrome) due to fast decompression.
Treatment recompression.

A: Untuk sakit jantung apa jenis rawatan anda harus memilih?
For Heart attack (Chest pains) what type of treatment you WOULD choose?
For acute Heart attack you must be in Hospital.(ICU). .
Untuk serangan jantung tirus anda mesti adalah dalam Hospital.(ICU).
1. Angiogram has side effects like death, stroke, kidney damage , blood vessel damage . So it should not be done as a routine test . .
Angiogram mempunyai kesan sampingan seperti kematian, mengusap, kerosakan buah pinggang, kerosakan saluran darah . Jadi ia tidak sepatutnya dilakukan sebagai satu ujian rutin .
2. Angioplasty and stent will not last for a long time. The stent will block again . Stent cannot be removed once it is inside your body. .
Angioplasti dan stent tidak akan tahan buat sekian lama. Stent akan menyekat sekali lagi . Stent tidak boleh dibuang sebaik sahaja ia di dalam badan anda.
3. Bypass Surgery is not a permanent cure, it is just to relieve pain . It does not prevent heart attack. The risk is very high and the benefit is small.
Pembedahan Pintasan bukan satu sembuh selama-lamanya, ia hanya melegakan kesakitan . Ia tidak menghalang serangan jantung. Risiko sangat tinggi dan manfaat kecil.
5.ECP and Latest advanced Medicine is 80 to 90% effective and will last
for 3 to 5 years without serious side effects.
Ask your cardiologist to tell the truth and look for second opinion .
ECP and Latest memajukan Ubat ialah 80 hingga 90% berkesan dan akan bertahan selama 3 hingga 5 tahun tanpa kesan-kesan segi buruk.
Minta pakar kardiologi anda memberitahu perkara sebenar dan mencari pandangan kedua . .
Then you decide whether you want No. 2 to 4 or No. 5 (ECP and medicine??) treatment.
Kemudian anda memutuskan sama ada anda mahu No. 2 hingga 4 atau No. 5 (ECP dan ubat??) rawatan.

Q: What is ECP therapy?
A: ECP therapy is the treatment for Coronary Heart disease without operation USA FDA approved. Your doctor may know or may not know what is ECPT. But you should read in Internet and be aware of ECPT, so that you can ask for this treatment in early cases of Angina Pectoris to avoid Invasive therapies like Angiogram, Angioplasty, stenting or Bypass therapy.
External Counterpulsation (ECP) is a non-invasive therapy designed to
increase circulation, cardiac output, and coronary artery perfusion in
patients suffering from Coronary heart disease, specifically Stable Angina Pectoris, Unstable Angina pectoris, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Cardiogenic Shock and Congestive Heart Failure. Look for a doctor who is trained and knows what is ECP and get a second opinion if you are asked to do invasive procedures. See ECP picture in our catalogue and in the recent articles section.

Q: Are Integrative therapies for Cancer guaranteed for cure?
A: Disclaimer and Related Issues - Home Page

There are four sections on this web page:

1) The Purpose of the Cancer Tutor Website
2) About the Author - R. Webster Kehr
3) A Discussion Of The Use of the Term "Cure"
4) About Alternative Cancer Treatments,
5) About Orthodox Cancer Treatments

1) The Purpose of the Website

The purpose of this website is to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on alternative cancer treatments known to the webmaster. The purpose of this information is to let cancer patients and/or their caregivers have the information necessary to let them know what alternative cancer treatment options exist.

In short, the purpose of this website is to save cancer patients, or their caregivers, several years of research time. When a person has cancer they usually do not have several years to research their options. Even if they did, it would take time to become proficient at researching the internet.

The vast majority of cancer patients who seek out alternative cancer treatments, and thus who visit this website, have had extensive orthodox cancer treatments, and many of them have been "sent home to die."

Many of these patients have already given orthodox medicine an opportunity to cure their cancer, but orthodox medicine has exhausted their abilities and the patient has been left to their own devices. Many of these patients only have a short time to live and they need a great deal of critical and accurate information in a very short amount of time.

Thus the purpose of this site is to let cancer patients:
1) Quickly learn about their best alternative cancer treatment options, so they can
2) Make their cancer treatment decisions more quickly, and thus they can
3) Start their alternative cancer treatment sooner then they could by doing their own research!!!

No cancer treatment products are sold from this website and every attempt is made to make statements which are unbiased and are solely in the best interest of the cancer patient.

2) About the Author - R. Webster Kehr

This website is owned, operated and written by R. Webster Kehr, a bona fide cancer researcher since 2002. Mr. Kehr has developed the following cancer treatments and made the following discoveries:

1) His model of how cancer forms at the cellular level is the most accurate model in history. Ron Gdanski, Dr. Alan Cantwell, Dr. Virginia Livingston, and others have done critical work in developing the individual pieces. Webster Kehr put all the pieces together, coupled with an understanding of mitochondria, and came up with a comprehensive model of why an individual cell is cancerous. His model also explains why many cancer cells have DNA damage. An understanding of this model, and an understanding of the pleomorphic nature of the microbe which causes cancer, is critical to an understanding of how to cure cancer. See:
What Causes Cancer

2) He is the "father" of the concept of an "Overnight Cure For Cancer" (OCC), whereby every cancer cell in a person's body can be reverted into a normal cell within 24 hours. This is a potential reality if a person understands what really causes cancer. In the 1930s, researcher Dr. Royal Rife was able to cure cancer because he understood exactly what caused cancer. The American Medical Association offered many times to buy his technology (no doubt with the intent to "bury" the technology), but Dr. Rife refused to "sell-out." The FDA then stepped in and destroyed his equipment. The point is that that cancer can be cured very quickly if a person knows what causes cancer. Webster described in step-by-step detail why microbes cause a cell to be cancerous and the OCC was designed to take advantage of that theory.

3) Webster also developed several spin-off protocols of the Overnight Cure For Cancer, but which can be used as long-term protocols. These include the DMSO/chlorine dioxide protocol (before Jim Humble), the DMSO/colloidal silver protocol, the MSM/chlorine dioxide protocol and the MSM/D3 protocols.

4) Based on his understanding of what goes on inside of cancer cells, he figured out how melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and uterine cancer spread. At one time there was only one treatment for these three types of cancer, but now there are several very good cures for melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma. He developed the theory that the blood needs to be kept clean of microbes to prevent these types of cancer from spreading.

5) He perfected and has pushed the concept of using chlorine dioxide transdermally (i.e. through the skin, using DMSO), even before Jim Humble. This allows patients of cancer, Lyme Disease, AIDS, etc. to avoid having to waste a lot of time building up to an oral therapeutic dose. Many patients can never build up to a therapeutic dose. By using transdermal applications, patients can achieve a therapeutic dose on the first day of treatment. His experience with early "Overnight Cure For Cancer" treatments had taught him the technology to do this.

6) He has developed numerous modifications/improvements to alternative cancer treatments developed by others (which improvements are based on his understanding of how to avoid weaknesses in a treatment). This includes synergy between treatments.

7) His free eBook on the overall treatment of Stage IV cancer is one of the best articles on the Internet on the theory behind treating advanced cancers. See:
Treatment For Stage IV Patients

8) It was Webster Kehr who "broke the code" on why the Bob Beck Protocol works so well on advanced cancer patients. While Bob Beck mentioned why the protocol worked on cancer, in his lectures, because his lectures were focused on AIDS, and because he did not explain very well why his protocol worked on cancer, his protocol was not taken very seriously by alternative cancer treatment researchers. As part of this realization, Webster predicted, in March, 2011, that the GB-4000 and other Rife Machines would be just as effective, if not more so, running only in "microbe mode."

9) In April, 2011 he developed the Rife-Bare protocol, which is expected to eventually be the most potent alternative cancer treatment on earth for advanced cancer patients. He had previously designed several other protocols, including the MSM/D3 protocol and the Ultimate Simple Protocol.

10) Webster founded the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. which brought together five cancer researchers. Webster frequently "exchanges notes" with other cancer researchers in order to compare experiences and learn from each other.

At any given time, Mr. Kehr is researching several cancer treatments still under development. His research is state-of-the-art and is based on a clear understanding of how cancer forms and how various treatments "work."

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc., a non-profit corporation organized in the state of Nevada.

Any statement or comment on this website, or in emails sent from Mr. Kehr, represent his opinion as a cancer research and should not be interpreted as medical advice from a medical practitioner.

3) A Discussion Of The Use of the Term "Cure"

Because this website uses the term "cure" many times, it is necessary to delineate what this website means when it uses the term "cure."

If the average "man on the street" were asked what it means to "cure cancer," he or she would no doubt say that a cancer patient was "cured" if their cancer was gone and they were no longer using any prescription drugs.

This website uses what might be called the "alternative medicine" definition of "cure":

"A person is 'cured' of their cancer if the number of cancer cells in their body is less than, or equal to, the number of cancer cells in the average person. It is also hoped that their immune system is able to kill newly developing cancer cells (every person has newly developing cancer cells)."

The definition of "cure" that orthodox medicine uses is this: A cancer patient is "cured" if they live 5 years from the date of their diagnosis of cancer. This definition changes from time to time.

This definition of "cure" ignores the physical condition of the patient, it ignores the strength of their immune system, it ignores how many cancer cells they have, and it ignores how long they are expected to live after the 5 year mark. For example, if they die 5 years and 2 days after they were first diagnosed, they are counted as a "cured" cancer patient. Furthermore, cancer patients who die to quickly are not counted by orthodox medicine. In fact, they use many "tricks" to make their treatments look far more effective than they really are.

Why does orthodox medicine use a definition of "cure" which is so vastly different than what the "man on the street" would use?

The reason is that orthodox medicine has no interest in "curing" cancer the way the "man on the street" wants cancer to be cured. Their definition is designed to make orthodox medicine look good if they are able to convert cancer into a chronic disease.

Orthodox medicine does not like people to use the term "cure" because they have no interest in curing cancer.

4) About Alternative Cancer Treatments

Alternative cancer treatments can actually have one of three different outcomes:

First, are those whose cancer is gone and who never get cancer again because their cancer cells have been killed, or reverted into normal cells, and their immune system has been built up and their lifestyle has changed.

Second, are those who have the vast majority of their cancer cells killed or reverted into normal cells, but for one of many different reasons, such as going back to their old lifestyle, the cancer does return. In this case, there is a high probability that they will know what to do the second time around.

Third, are those who do not survive their cancer. This can happen because the wrong treatment was chosen or prior orthodox cancer treatments did irreversible damage. In any case, it is almost certain that the alternative cancer treatments improved and extended their life far beyond what orthodox medicine could have done.

Alternative cancer treatments would have a much higher true "cure rate" if all cancer patients used alternative cancer treatments exclusively (in most cases) as soon as they were diagnosed. In other words, the true "cure rate" of alternative cancer treatments is severely hampered because alternative medicine has lost many months (or years) of treatment time before most cancer patients start their alternative cancer treatment.

5) About Orthodox Cancer Treatments

Orthodox medicine has had many opportunities to establish treatments that cured cancer (using the alternative medicine definition of "cure"). In every case they have rejected such treatments in favor of far more profitable treatments.

With very rare exceptions, orthodox medicine has designed their treatments to make cancer into a chronic, highly profitable disease. Their calculated failure to cure cancer in the past can be expected to continue well into the future. Their search for more profitable treatments will continue until they are forced by public outcry to use treatments that cure cancer the way many alternative cancer treatments cure cancer (e.g. medical doctors would be forced by their patients to use natural substances).

This is why orthodox medicine does not like it when alternative medicine uses the term "cure." If you wish to use the orthodox definition of "cure" as you read this website, and you do not like the alternative medicine definition of "cure," then as you read the articles on this website, simply substitute any use of the term "cure" with the term "treatment" or "spontaneous remission."

Furthermore, orthodox medicine does not like people to know of their alternative cancer treatment options. Thus, it can be stated that orthodox medicine does not like websites that tell people about their alternative cancer treatment options.

More Information

If you would like more information about the comparison of alternative cancer treatments versus orthodox cancer treatments, see the following article:
Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments

FDA Required Disclaimer For Sites That Do Not Endorse Chemotherapy:

This website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment and advice of a qualified licensed medical professional. This site offers people medical information and tells them their alternative medical options, but in no way should anyone consider that this site represents the "practice of medicine." This site assumes no responsibility for how this material is used. Also note that this website frequently updates its contents, due to a variety of reasons, therefore, some information may be out of date. The statements regarding alternative treatments for cancer have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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