The Big Problem with Angiogram, Angioplasty and Bypass Surgery which your Surgeon would like to hide from you. What has happened to the Quack watch group? Why keep quiet -no comments on this Biggest quackery system?.

The Big problem with Angioplasty and Bypass surgery every one aught to know.

By Dr Hj Mohd Ebrahim Sulaiman ,Family Physician, Kuala Lumpur.

THE big problem with angioplasty is that about 1 in 72 patients dies from the operation and twice that many from a bypass [concluded a recent summary from over 100 hospitals]. The second problem is that neither operation prevents a future heart attack, NONE. This is because bypass bypasses the problem, not solves the ongoing disease process, while ballooning / stenting only opens about 1/2 inch [1 cm] of an artery, and not the part that will cause a future heart attack. They are dangerous relievers of symptoms, such as angina, and for that they work well (for a while). The definitive study of these techniques is the MASS-II trial. Even three-vessel coronary artery disease, as long as it is stable (no rest pain with ECG changes) has a low mortality and lives are not saved by bypass surgery. The MASS-II trial, the best randomized controlled trial to date, showed that angioplasty (PCI) is actually worse than medical therapy (drugs) and is contraindicated in stable coronary atherosclerosis. Disruption of plaque by the balloon inflation causes an immune response to the plaque contents, in particular modified LDL, also called oxidized LDL. Theoretically antibodies to the plaque contents could stimulate an inflammation in the other plaques and increase the chance of rupture of any plaque in the the coronary arteries. Bypass surgery helped anginal symptoms but did not prolong life or prevent heart attacks, as claimed by Bill Clinton’s surgeon. Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar and did not think to ask the surgeons for the evidence.

Here are your options if you have ‘multi-vessel disease’ like Bill Clinton: deaths on drugs alone 1.5% but 2.8 TIMES MORE DEATHS with bypass or angioplasty after one year. Source: MASS II trial (J Am Coll Cardiol. 2004 May 19;43(10):1743-51.) Medline study number 15145093. Moreover, there are no studies that show a survival benefit from ballooning or bypassing apart from possibly the latter in a particular type of heart disease that is determined AFTER you put your life at risk on the operating table, and the benefit is small. These procedures only treat the angiogram and not the vast majority of plaque which is buried in the wall but which can rupture and cause heart attacks

As I said before: these operations don’t deal with the cause of the heart disease in the first place, and they clearly don’t solve it!
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MUST EECP (Multicenter ) studies, International EECP patient registry studies and PEECH (Prospective Evaluation of EECP ) Scientific clinical trial studies unanimously declared that Non Invasive MT (medical treatment) and EECP therapy are Safe, Effective and low cost for the treatment of Coronary Heart disease. . Source: American College of Cardiology during the 55th Annual Scientific Assembly Dec 6, 2006, Atlanta Georgia Therefore Non Invasive treatment (Medicine and ECP -External Counter Pulsation) is definitely safe, effective and low cost.

Source: MASS II trial (Medicine-Angiogram-Surgery-Study) (J Am Coll Cardiol. 2004 May 19;43(10):1743-51.) Medline study number 15145093.

American College of Cardiology Foundation

Medicine (drugs) and ECP therapy is better.