What is the meaning of our lives here on Earth?

What is the meaning of our lives here on Earth? What is the soul ? The Spiritual World, in Islam.

Where did it come from, and what happens to it after we die? Islam provides its followers with answers to these and many other questions related to both this earthly sojourn and the life to come. Muslims believe that we all have four stages to go through on our great journey
called life and that each station has its own unique challenges and rewards.

Islam also has an explanation for the creation of the Earth and the appearance of living beings upon it. It differs significantly from the biblical version and has been called more scientifically accurate. Our Holy Book, the Qur’an, goes even further and tells us that life arose for a purpose. All life-forms on this planet, and beyond, have a special duty to live in quiet praise and appreciation of the Lord of the Universe.

While Islam says all creatures accomplish this automatically, humankind is the one exception. We have the free choice to accept God or not. The path of Islam gives us a way to surrender ourselves to God if we so choose. Free will is our great burden, and there will be rewards and consequences on account of it.